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5 Sources for Free Legal Forms

Posted by on Jun 21, 2015

There are thousands of websites that have directories filled with thousands of legal forms and documents. You can find a contract or a legal document for just about any purpose.

Although, most of these websites require you to pay a certain amount to be able to access their vast directory. If you would only want to download a single document for your business or any freelance activity then paying for access to the whole directory would seem like such a waste.

Furthermore, you might end up paying for a document that you will not be able to use or edit. Luckily for you, there are five sources of legal free forms that you can check out.

All of these websites recognize the struggle of making your legal documents without a lawyer. That’s why they have collected public documents that you can use. You just have to find the right one in each directory because their list varies from each other.

Sources for Free Legal Forms

 Listed below are the top 5 sources of legal free forms:

  1. Docracy – This website has a large array of free documents available for download. These documents come from different lawyers, non-profit organizations, and other users of their service. This website allows you to download legal forms that you can edit according to your specifications. They even have a feature that allows you to sign electronically the documents for free. You can check out their website here.
  2. Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG) – They boast an astounding 2,000+ free legal documents on their websites. Their forms are written to comply with state-specific laws and even challenge anyone to demonstrate that their documents are not compliant with state law. They continue to expand their directory and would be pleased to get an e-mail from you if ever you don’t find the legal form that you need. They have documents for businesses and personal use. You can visit their page and see if the document you need is there.
  3. LawInfo – They assure their consumers that these documents are open and are 100% free. However, they do disclaim that these legal forms should be used according to one’s discretion. Their legal forms are for business, wills, debts, intellectual property rights, family law, real estate, and other general matters. Their website can be found
  4. Get Free Legal Forms – This website recognizes the difficulty in finding the right legal document especially if you are not well-versed in the language of law. That is why they have provided a color-coded free legal documents directory. They believe that an on organized location would eradicate the daunting task of looking through thousands of free legal forms. You can find the directory here.
  5. AllLaw – This website has very specific legal documents for personal use. They have various legal documents on personal injury and disabilities. They also provide forms for real estate and business.

Using a free legal document comes with some fine print. These websites are not responsible for any damages or consequences that may arise upon using their documents. The liabilities will fall mainly on you. This is why these websites strongly advise that you should at least get a consultation with a professional to avoid any trouble in the future.