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Do You Want To Know How Much a Divorce Process Costs?

Posted by on Dec 13, 2015

Are you interested to know how much a divorce process costs? Do you always worry that processing divorce will leave you broke? Divorce is a very emotional process, and costly at the same time. There is a lot of paperwork that you have to finish, too. Before going through the process, it’s important to know about the expenses.

Attorney’s Fee

The attorney’s fee may vary, but the typical hourly rate nationwide is $250. The fee covers different kinds of attorney’s services such as the following:

1.    The full presentation of the case – The attorney will deal with every issue and aspect of the case.
2.    Partial representation or limited scope of the case – The attorney will manage only a few aspects of the case like dealing with child custody and alimony but not with the division of property.
3.    Consultation only – The attorney will provide advice and needed documents, but will not represent them.

Some people reported that they were asked to pay as low as $50 for their attorney while the others paid as much as $450 per hour.
Most attorneys will request for a down payment to make sure that his services will not go into charity. The initial payment is around $4,500 to $6,500 if the attorney charges $350 to $400 per hour. Once the deposited payment is down to $1,000, some attorneys will request for another down payment. This is how much a divorce process costs for attorneys, and then the down payment process repeats over until the case is finished.

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Litigated Divorce

Litigated divorce is considered as the most expensive of divorce proceedings. In some courts, a trial for two days may cost $25,000. It is costly because the process starts with adversarial tone wherein both parties have not yet come to terms and are ready to face each other in court, each party with their divorce attorney. In this type of divorce process, nobody wants to give in no matter how absurd his requests are.
In litigated divorce, each party may pay around $13,000 to $27,000 for their attorney. This is the reason a divorcing couple should work out their differences first before proceeding with the process.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is becoming more popular to divorcing couples because they understand its extensive benefits. The average cost for this type of divorce is $5,000 only. Some people think it’s too high, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than litigated divorce.

Both parties benefit from this type of divorce. They can both feel that the settlement was fair and just for each of them. It also leaves them inbetter relations, which is important if children are involved.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the simplest of all divorce processes. In this type of divorce, the person being sued does not fight the case. The spouse being sued is in the agreeable state throughout the proceedings.

So you see, not all types of divorce processes can leave you broke. How much a divorce process costs only depends on the type of process that you want to go through.

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Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015

Filing a divorce can be an easy process, but has a big effect on a lot of people. And although it is an easy procedure, it is not an easy issue to decide upon. There are a lot of things to consider before deciding on this. If you want to file a divorce to dissolve your marriage, consider asking yourself the following questions first:

1.    Do I still love him/her?
A lot of people claiming they want a divorce still have feelings for their partner, and these feelings usually are still strong. However, because of the continuous struggle about many things in the relationship, their intimacy and closeness are affected. If you are one of these people, you should first try to work on your relationship first before you decide on filing a divorce or else the negative feeling brought about by the divorce may devour you and you may find yourself feeling worse than before you had it filed.

2.    Were we married?
Being married doesn’t mean you underwent a ceremony and had put a ring on each other’s finger. It also involves both partners creating a bond that includes a “we” or an “us”. Most people contemplating on divorce had a marriage that only consisted of two people meeting their needs. They may have formed a family together with their children but may never have participated in activities that required the unity of the entire family. They may have asked “Is this good for me?” rather than “Is this fun for us?”.

3.    Am I truly decided? Or Am I just threatening?
Divorce is usually threatened by couples especially when there are heated arguments:
•    That came from frustration and anger
•    That come when you don’t agree with each other regarding real changes
•    When one partner tries to be dominant and tries to control the other. Or tries to get the other to see things his way.
•    When you feel that the marriage is breaking apart.

Before you make up your mind about divorce, you should first be 100% sure that this is what you want.

4.    Am I sincere in deciding about it?
Being ready about divorce means you are emotionally prepared to make an unemotional and clear decision which can support you as time goes. Being divorced means that you are capable of letting go of all emotional attachments to your partner, his/her loved ones as well as those hostile ones.

5.    Can I handle the consequences?
When you are officially divorced, it doesn’t end there. There are consequences that you should cope with. Grief is almost always present because the dream of a “happy family” has died. There are disappointments, failures, loneliness, inadequacy, rejection, and other painful feelings you have to deal with, and there are times when all of these feelings come to you at the same time. You have to be sure that you can take all of these head on.

    The above questions are just a few of many things you should ask yourself before being finally decided on filing for a divorce. It is not easy to deal with, and it sure is not a good feeling. You should keep in mind that once you sign the divorce papers, there is no turning back.

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Enjoying Life after Divorce

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015

Life has never been easy for couples who went through a failing relationship, which advertently lead to a divorce. Whatever the reason is for the split – and whether both parties agreed to the separation or not – going through a divorce can turn the life of the people involved upside down. It can also be emotionally and mentally infuriating for both parties to go through a divorce.

However, there are many things you can do to cope with the unfortunate events. Most people who have gone through the same phase in life learn from the experience for them to grow stronger and wiser.

Although many people find it hard to deal with the breakup, many people are still able to enjoy life after divorce. This article will discuss some of the things you can do in order to carry on enjoying life after divorce.

How to Enjoy Life After a Divorce

•    Learn to accept

Divorce can be hard to accept but if going through such ordeal is inevitable, you need to face it head on. Bear in mind that your life after divorce can also have a positive impact, but you can still not rule out the fact that there will be consequences that you need to endure. Admitting the fact that your relationship with your spouse is over is one of the first steps toward your emotional stability. This is essential for you to enjoy life after divorce.

•    Maintain a positive outlook

After the divorce, you need to look at the bright side as you will be able to live a new life. Although you will still have to endure the emotional and mental struggles, having a negative outlook will just worsen the situation.

•    Surround yourself with the people you love

After the divorce, you might as well spend your time with people whom you love. You can enjoy spending the night with your best friends or spend a weekend vacation with your family members. This is also the best time to get to know them a lot better especially if you have spent the past years on your married life. Dwelling on the divorce while sacrificing your social life can bring no good to the table.

However, you also need to choose the right people to spend time with as many people who just gone through a divorce force themselves to start a new relationship as a form of rebound. This is actually not a good idea as you will likely find yourself stuck in an emotional roller-coaster ride in the event the relationship doesn’t work out.

•    Spend some time doing the things you like

Most people who went through a divorce seclude themselves from society as a form of defensive mechanism. However, doing nothing with your life after a divorce is an unhealthy option. What you need to do is to do things that you love or wanted to do for so long. You can start doing art, read books or find a new hobby that you enjoy.

•    Set goals and implement an action plan to achieve those goals
Finding a balance in your life after a divorce can be challenging. Rather than dwelling on the past, you can set some specific goals for a better future. You can choose to start a new career for better financial stability. You can also engage yourself in a new business. If you have children, you can set some goals that both you and your kids can share.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying life after a divorce is possible. The end of a relationship does not mean that your life ends as well. You will need to carry on and consider the unfortunate event as one of the hurdles that you will need to face in life. You just need to work on your life so that you will become a happier and wiser person.

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5 Things You Should Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Paying a Retainer

Posted by on Mar 7, 2015

Divorce procedures can be very messy. If you do not make the right moves and decisions, you will probably lose the case. The first thing you need to do is find yourself a good lawyer that will defend your interests in court.

However, a good lawyer does not come cheap these days. Divorce attorneys want to make sure that their services will be paid off after the case. This is why the client and the attorney have a pre-agreed amount when it comes to retainers.

Things You Should Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Paying a Retainer

A retainer is an assurance that the client will still be able to pay for the services of the hired attorney. This is because they want to ensure that despite other elements that deplete their client’s bank account, there will still be enough money left for them. Retainers are collected by lawyers so they can put this money in reserve.

Each month, the legal fees and professional fees to be paid to the lawyer will be deducted from the retainer. Retainers can be used to pay the hourly fee of your attorney, the cost of photocopies and faxes, court filing fees, payment to assistants and other employees involved in the case. That is why the agreed amount of this retainer should be large enough to be able to pay for the anticipated amount of expenses.

If you are looking into hiring a divorce attorney and they asked you to provide a retainer, there are five things you should ask a divorce lawyer before paying a retainer.

  1. Is there a contract or written agreement?

When dealing with a large amount of money, you should always ask for the agreement to be on paper. This is to avoid any confusions and unforeseen loopholes to complicate the process. This is also to ensure that you will not be tricked into giving all that money to your lawyer for nothing.

Make sure that the agreed terms and amount is written in the contract. Read the draft and change the terms you do not feel comfortable with. Remember, you are the client and it is your money on the line here. You have to know that the contract you are getting yourself into is fail-safe.

  1. Will I get what is left of the retainer after the case?

Although it is a given that the money should go back to you after you’ve paid all the fees you owe, clarifying it would help, you avoid getting scammed. Ask your divorce lawyer about this and tell him to include it in the contract. By putting this agreement on paper, you will be sure that after the case, your lawyer will not take off with the rest of your money.

  1. Where will the retainer fee go?

You have to know where your money is being kept and make sure that it is not just lying around in your lawyer’s safe. In most cases, lawyers would offer to put it in a trust fund under your name. If your divorce lawyer did not offer this option, then you should raise the issue.

You have to know that your money is safely tucked in a bank. Your lawyer should be the only one who has access to it as well.

  1. Where will you use the retainer fee?

This is one of the most important questions in the five things you should ask a divorce lawyer before paying a retainer. Each lawyer has different terms when it comes to handling the retainer fee. So before you pay the agreed amount you have to know where your money will be spent on.

Do you agree that your lawyer can use it to pay the rates of his assistant? Do you want to include the filing fees under the retainer? These are only some of the questions you will have to talk about.

Determining which aspects of the case will be paid using the retainer would allow you to gage how much you will need. You will also ensure that the fee will no deplete too rapidly. This allows you to have certainty that halfway into the case, you still have enough money to pay for your attorney’s fees until the case is closed.

  1. How will you pay the retainer fee?

You should know what terms you divorce lawyer is asking for. There are lawyers that require their clients to pay the retainer fee as a whole while some give enough leeway to allow their clients to pay it little by little. This would allow you to determine if you have the capability to keep your lawyer or if you should start finding a new one.

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