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How Can You Say When a Relationship Is Over

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016

    It is a basic truth that when you begin a relationship, it all seems promising. You feel all the butterflies in your tummy, and you are so certain that your partner is “The One.” Because you are in love, you think that nothing could ever come in between you and your loved one. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some relationships do not last, and if that is not bad enough, some relationships even fall apart without the other person knowing.

    If you are in a relationship, and you feel that something might be wrong, do not be the last to take action! If your relationship is regrettably bound to fail, you should start watching out for signs. But then you might ask, “How can you say when a relationship is over?” Truth be told, there are so many ways to know, but these three common situations can help you determine the real status between you and your partner:

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1.    You no longer communicate as much as you used to.
When you were starting out, you would constantly text or call each other. Less than five minutes after he drives off from your house, you would be flooding his phone’s inbox with your “I miss you” messages. Before, phone calls would last until 2 or 3 in the morning while you talk about anything under the sun. And of course, when the other is mad or upset, you would not let the day pass without resolving your issues.

These are the normal scenarios in a fun, healthy relationship. They are commonly experienced in the beginning, but some people are able to sustain this kind of communication. If you are not among those people, then the relationship might be over.

So how can you say when a relationship is over? If you and your partner both no longer exert any effort to communicate, it is. Awkward silences and stares would never sustain your relationship so if you want to work things out, better strive to keep those communication lines open!

2.    You fight all the time.
If you find yourself fighting about the smallest things all the time, you might be in a relationship rut that could lead to a breakup. While it is true that a conflict here and there makes a relationship healthy, too much of it is never good.

So if the fights keep on coming, or even resurfacing after having resolved them previously, you might want to consider separating.

3.    There is someone else in the picture.
How can you say when a relationship is over? Well, it is definitely over if there is another relationship on the side. If you believe or even know that your partner is cheating on you, you should not even have doubts about breaking up with him or her. Do not even think twice — just get up and leave. If you try to fix the relationship, you might only be hurting yourself more.

Fidelity is an important factor in a lasting relationship, and if this is lacking in yours, you are better off single. Love and respect yourself enough to admit that the relationship is over and that you deserve better.