What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce – Learn How to Be Happy and Self Aware

What percentage of marriages are actually lasting marriages? Most people would tell you that it is around 90% and it is because most people don’t try to understand what makes a marriage work, they have the same mindset as “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

what percentage of marriages end in divorce

When two people were married for an extended period of time, if the marriage did not go through a divorce, and then either one or both parties decided to get a divorce. There are many variables that lead to divorce and unfortunately, most of them are the same. If you find yourself in a situation that you are not happy with or you feel like you aren’t in a good place financially or are struggling financially, you are the first person to ask “why is this happening?”

The first and most obvious cause is money. Now, you can still be in a bad financial position and a successful marriage if you are married, but, more often than not, you are the person who has it worst.

Couples that have children have a greater chance of experiencing marital problems than those that do not. Couples who have children are going to struggle more financially and the last thing they want to deal with is divorce.

Those that are not married are not going to experience the same sort of financial strain. It is only natural that when you are able to have financial security, you are going to be more likely to want to keep it. Those who are married are going to be more likely to leave their home and family because they can’t support themselves and their family without a certain amount of income.

Statistics show that when you break down the percentages of the divorces that are currently occurring, about two thirds of them are initiated by the husband. This makes the idea that you have to go to someone elseor hire someone in order to make your marriage work, seem pretty naive. You need to find out why the man in your life does not want to be with you anymore and if you are ready to re-connect with your mate.

If you ask why married couples end up in divorce, you will probably hear the answer of children and financial problems. Yes, you do need to provide for your family but, if you are not doing this, it will eventually cause you to realize that you are on your own. These issues are manageable, and if you are ready to work on solving them, you can solve the problems that lead to divorce.

Although you may not think that a professional counselor will be able to help you with these issues, you might be surprised to learn that they can. The reason that a professional will be able to help you is because they will be trained to address the problem that you are having. Not only can they assist you in finding out what is causing the issues, but they can also help you come up with a plan of action.

A professional will help you with finding out what are the underlying issues and then will help you come up with a plan of action that can be used in order to resolve them. They can also provide advice on what to do with children if you have them, along with their school work and the issue of finances. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman because there are many different things that can be addressed.

Just remember that hiring a professional is not something that you should just take for granted. If you are tired of dealing with the stress and frustration that are associated with not being able to focus on your marriage, it would be a good idea to consult with a professional about how you can both work towards making your marriage work.

Take a look at what people are saying about you and your marriage and what you want to do to keep it from ending. Look for a professional that can give you advice that will make your marriage better and start living a life of happiness and freedom!

Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce is never an easy process. Dealing with a marriage that has failed because your spouse has broken your trust in one way or another takes a mental, emotional, and even physical toll on a person. Finding a way to push past a bad relationship and to move forward in your life can seem like a daunting task, but it’s one that can be achieved. Understanding how to get through a divorce and end up in a better place is an essential thing for you to learn about. When you have skilled professionals offering you the best legal advice possible you’ll find that you’re not that alone and that this isn’t the end of your happiness. There will be better times ahead.

You’ll want to go down the divorce mediation checklist first when you’re beginning the legal process of ending your marriage. You’re going to want to find all the different forms listed here and put them together to be able to make sure you have all the relevant financial information for yourself and your spouse; this will give you the foundation to begin working out the agreements for child support and alimony payments. It is important to be upfront and honest about everything here as lawyers and judges are not likely to be impressed by somebody attempted to hoodwink them during the divorce process. Mediation is an attempt to have the divorce handled in an open and fair manner with less ill will and hostility than a full-blown trial. Finding a way to end a failed marriage amicably can be best for everyone involved.

The divorce mediation checklist can be broken down into two sections. The first of which is custodial rights for the parents. All information about the children must be made known to both parents. Teachers, doctors, medical conditions. Grades and disciplinary notes from school. It is possible one parent has had information hidden from them and needs to know about these details with the divorce pending. A plan for the day to day life of the children should be set up that works for both parents and their schedules. Decisions about what religion if any to raise the children as should be addressed along with any other significant decisions that could be made down the line such as college selection, or what sports they’ll be allowed to play.

The next big thing is to have the income of both parties verified. This means everything that could be thought of as valuable or income has to be included. Pay stubs, Paypal accounts, bank accounts, bitcoin holdings, property holdings, stocks, bonds, T-Bills, collectibles such as old comic books, baseball cards or collectible card game cards. If there could be a money value put on something it has to be included in the list. From this list, the financial details of the divorce settlement can be established. If everything goes smoothly then what can be a horrible process can be done in a fair and friendly manner that allows both people to move forward in their lives.

Dealing with Divorce

dealing with divorce

Divorce is a tough process for any couple to go through. Having a relationship that is damaged beyond repair is tough for some people to admit, but taking steps to move past such a relationship is vital if you want to finally start putting your life back together and find a path forward for yourself. Knowing what you’re dealing with when you’re going through the legal process of getting a divorce so that you can be ready for all the different situations that can come up during the proceedings will give you understanding of what’s happening and allow yourself to be fully informed about everything that can potentially occur while you dissolve your relationship.

You might be asking a lot of questions. What is the legal process for divorce in my state? How much child support or alimony, if any will I owe? What are my rights when it comes to fighting for custody of my children? Do you need a lawyer for divorce mediation? There are all sorts of issues that need to be addressed and situations that must be handled while you’re dealing with this trying situation. Having legal counsel to help you through this process is something you should strongly consider. No matter how friendly a divorce may seem to be at the start of the process things can always turn ugly in a hurry and you need to be prepared to defend yourself legally from all sorts of possible problems. From unfounded allegations against you to attempts to take all your money and property away from you, you can expect things to get ugly before they get better and having somebody who knows the law on your side is exactly what you need to make sure you get a fair shake while dealing with a divorce.

Find a lawyer who practices in divorce. It’s even better if you can find a lawyer who specializes in dealing with divorce from the perspective of your side of the case. There are lawyers out there who deal exclusively with husbands and others who work only with wives when it comes to divorces between straight couples. Knowing how your side of the relationship generally gets treated in divorce settlements is essential when it comes time to get all the details of the divorce agreement worked out. Dealing with all the paperwork and stress of ending a marriage is taxing, and you really shouldn’t put yourself through it. Having others handle the hard work and allow you to go about your day-to-day life while coping with the end of your marriage is best for you and it can help you work through the problems with your kids. Divorce is tough on children, and you want to be strong for them. Do that by letting skilled legal counsel be reliable for you.

Divorce can feel like it’s the end of the world, but it’s just the end of one part of your life and the start of another one. Finding your best path through it will lead you to a better tomorrow even if it’s hard to imagine now.

3 Reasons Divorce Can Be Expensive

Many people think that the process of divorce is simple. They think that if you can get a good lawyer, you will be able to get a good amount of money due to various settlements with your spouse. However, divorce can be actually expensive.

1. Attorney’s fees

Divorce lawyers are expensive. You will see many lawyers advertising that they will file a divorce for a few hundred dollars. Well, this is only true when all your matters are settled and you only need to fill out a form. But in most divorce cases, the situation is not that simpler. There are financial matters and child custody involved. Dealing with these will increase the cost of your lawyer and at the end, it will become very expensive.

2. Lack of financial knowledge

If your lawyer lacks financial knowledge while making a settlement for the divorce, then it might cost you a lot of money if things turn out to be wrong. For example, if the lawyer makes a mistake in projecting the long-term value of retirement funds, then your ex-partner can sue you. It will cost you a lot of money. Settlement mistakes like this can cost thousands of dollars.

3. A lawyer makes a false promise

Some lawyers try to earn your trust by making false promises. However, when they cannot get you the outcome you expected, your money is wasted.

When you file a divorce, you should be prepared to spend some money for it. You should know about the hidden costs so that you don’t get shocked if the process becomes too expensive.

4 Obstacles You May Face In Filing a Divorce

Suppose you are living in an unhappy relationship. You might have tried everything but now there’s no turning back. Still, people hesitate to file a divorce. Here are the main reasons why.

Fear of being alone

You might have spent years with your partner. Now you fear to be alone. You might think how you will continue the rest of your life alone. You also suffer from the insecurity of not being able to find a partner again.

Losing financial support

If you are dependent on your partner financially, then there is a reason to worry if you plan to get divorced. You must plan ahead and save money for yourself. If you have any joint account or other assets then you must keep the papers with you so that you can show it to the attorney.

Social pressure

Divorce is still seen as a negative thing in many societies. People think that you have failed in your relationship. You might feel isolated in a social gathering or fear that people will talk to you about your divorce all the time.

Child custody

It is one of the major obstacles in a divorce. Many people stay in an unhappy marriage thinking about the future of their children. Battling for child custody is a very emotional journey. It can be very difficult to go through this process.

If you have tried all the options of reconciling your marriage and have failed, then you should file a divorce. It will be better for you and the people involved in the unhappy relationship.

5 Tips For Choosing a Divorce Lawyer

If you are thinking of having a divorce then you should hire a divorce lawyer. Many people try to file for divorce by themselves. But there are many complications in a divorce and it’s best to hire a lawyer. Here are the top tips for choosing a divorce lawyer.

Divorce process

There are a number of divorce processes available. You can choose from litigation, mediation, cooperative or collaborative divorce. So, you should first choose which process you want to undertake. Then you can find a suitable lawyer.

Type of legal service

Everyone’s condition is not same. If you have lots of assets that need to be divided between you and your partner, then you need a lawyer who understands financial matters well. If you have kids then you need to apply for custody. If you have already negotiated terms with your partner, then you don’t need such an experienced lawyer.

Decide how much you can afford

You may have to spend thousands of dollars on your lawyer. Good lawyers are expensive. So, you need to first decide how much you can afford to pay the lawyer.

Ask for references

Your friend or colleague might have gone through the process of divorce recently. So, you can ask them to suggest you a good lawyer. The Internet is another source to obtain a good lawyer.


Your lawyer should be experienced. In particular, the lawyer must be experienced in the area of divorce you are seeking help for. You can check on the lawyer’s track record and see the number of successful cases.

Before hiring a lawyer, you should sit with the lawyer to discuss your case. You should be comfortable speaking to the lawyer. In the end, go with your gut feeling in hiring a lawyer.