We have a comprehensive understanding of the family law. Whether it’s about getting a divorce or getting the custody of your child, we are here to help you. Here are the services we provide to our clients.


If the partners decide to part away then we do everything to make the process convenient. We are aware of all the laws related to divorce and help our clients file a divorce and get what they want.

Child custody

Child custody is an important issue when a person gets divorced. We represent married and unmarried parents, grandparents or even stepparents. We can help you with your child’s physical and legal custody, parenting time, parent relocation, etc. We do our best to come to a negotiation regarding your child’s custody.

Child support

After a divorce, the court will look into the income of both the parents. If a parent doesn’t have sufficient income to take care of the child, then the court will arrange for support service for the child. If the child needs expensive medical treatments, then also the court will arrange for the necessary support of the child.

Property division

In many states, it is the law that the property must be divided equally between the partners. However, this is not the case in every state. Also, the percentage of property distribution varies according to a specific issue. We help you with the valuation of your asset, protection of your property, distribution of retirement assets, etc.

Divorce is a complex process. It involves a lot of things. The properties and child custody are very common in divorce cases. We have all the resources to help you win your case.